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Hongde Electronics: Customer first and PCB manufacturers together to carry the future
Announcer:Hongde Electronics  Date:2019/6/6 18:42:38  Views:194

Hongde Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. provides multi-faceted services for PCB manufacturers. Technically continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, quality excellence, meticulous; service to the highest, customer first. Join the future with PCB manufacturers.

Hongde electronic equipment is already in the middle of the industry. It is hoped that in the future, it will expand its scale in the continuous innovation and strengthen the brand of Hongde. Make Hongde's brand a well-known brand.


Ma Guohong, General Manager of Hongde Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

HC Network: First of all, please briefly introduce your company's background and development process.

Ma Guohong: Hongde Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various PCB wet process production equipment. The company was founded in 2002. In the past few years, it has stood out in the PCB equipment industry with advanced design concepts and excellent product quality. And established a technical cooperation relationship with Japan Soft Board Equipment Company. The company has grown from dozens of people in 2002 to hundreds of people now. At present, it has established cooperative relationships with well-known syrup manufacturers in several industries. Provide multi-faceted services for PCB manufacturers.



HC Network: Your company's business philosophy, purpose, corporate culture background and internal meaning.

Ma Guohong: Based on the business philosophy of “Science and Technology Innovation, Excellence”, the company continues to increase scientific research efforts, so that the company's products are at the forefront of the world's peers. We uphold the tenet of integrity and sustainable management, constantly innovating in technology and pursuing excellence. The quality is meticulous and meticulous; the service is sincere and the customer is supreme. Join the future with PCB manufacturers.



HC Network: What representative products or products are your company, and what products/services are you currently promoting? What projects/products are being developed, and what is the future direction of research and development?

Ma Guohong: The representative products of our company are horizontal machine and single/two-arm plating line. At present, the two products coexist. In the future, the company will separate the development and manufacturing of horizontal and electroplating lines, so that the technology and quality of the products will reach a new level. The future research and development direction is to develop toward high-precision high-tech. Apply high-tech brands and apply for patents. And through some online trials in some manufacturers, master the first-hand information on the spot to improve our design.


HC Network: What is the target of your company's product positioning? (Product range / customer range) Why is this positioned?

Ma Guohong: Our company's product positioning target is large and medium-sized PCB companies. The customer scope is located in two major regions of East China and South China, because our company is a medium and high-end PCB equipment factory. Whether it is from price to quality, or from technology to service, it is suitable for large and medium-sized PCB manufacturers.


HC Network: What are your company's response measures for environmental protection and other national and international regulations?

Ma Guohong: In view of the current state's macro-control of the entire environmental protection and the severe environment of the PCB industry, the company's internal management has been fine-tuned, leaving high-tech and good-quality soldiers. Continue to take the road of energy saving and emission reduction. Reduce pollutant emissions to *.


HC Network: What do you think of the current market and the status quo of the industry? What is the outlook?

Ma Guohong: Due to the current strict control of energy consumption and pollution in the country, many PCB manufacturers have internally rectified their own environment. Naturally, PCB equipment has no time to take care of, so the whole industry is currently at a low level. However, I believe that In the near future, after the trough, it must be another peak period.




HC Network: What is your company's position in the industry? What are your expectations for the future?

Ma Guohong: Our company is already in the middle of the industry. We hope to expand the scale in the continuous innovation and strengthen the brand of Hongde. Make Hongde's brand a well-known brand.


HC Network: What are the main ways to promote and promote enterprises and products?

Ma Guohong: The promotion and promotion channels for enterprises and products mainly include PCB exhibitions, magazines, circuit board association journals, technical papers, and networks.


HC Network: What do you know about HC? What advice and expectations do you have for HC?

Ma Guohong: I have never been exposed to HC Network before. After reading some interviews with other websites, I feel that your website is a very promising website with very good journalists. I hope to be professional in the PCB industry in the future. The highly technical papers give more publicity.